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Drying wastewater biomass involves adjusting the operating temperature of the heating surface and feeding an inert material in a drying chamber. The temperature of the drying chamber is stabilized and then wastewater wet biomass is added to the drying chamber. The materials are then agitated, and then dried product is removed from the drying chamber.

ADVANTAGE – The method enables to dry wastewater biomass for obtaining product having high nutritional value.

Oportunidades de mercado

Method for drying wastewater biomass for obtaining product used as food supplement, veterinary feed additive and food additive and in beer industry (all claimed).

D13 (Other foodstuffs and treatment – including preservation of food, milk, milk products, butter substitutes, edible oils and fats, non-alcoholic beverages, artificial sweeteners, food additives and animal feed (A23B-L).)

Marco Aurélio Cremasco