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This is the application for SkyDeck’s 2019 Session One (Jan 2019 – May 2019). This includes both the Cohort and Hot Desk tracks. Hot Desk teams will be notified later than Cohort teams of their acceptance. For more information on these tracks and for a timeline of the applications process, please go to the SkyDeck Website:

1 - How did you hear about SkyDeck?

2 - At least one member of your team (founder, co-founder, employee, or advisor) must have an affiliation with one of the following: UC Berkeley, OR any University of California campus, OR the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. We also accept International Founders looking to bring your business to the US. Please apply as a Global Founder through our Global Acceleration Program.
What is your affiliation?
SkyDeck Website:
Global Acceleration Program here:

3 - Has your team applied to any incubator or accelerator that would coincide with SkyDeck's 2019 Session One (Jan, 2019 – May, 2019)? Select One:

4 - What industries does your startup primarily identify with? Please check up to two primary verticals.

If you selected "BioTech" for Q4, please respond to Q5/6/7 below:

5 - Which do you identify as? Please check all that apply.

6 - If you are developing a product in the life science field, is there a reimbursement code in place that you can use?

7 - Does your startup require FDA or other regulatory compliance (HIPAA, USDA, EPA, etc)? Select One.

8 - Which secondary verticals do you identify as? Please check all that apply.

Team Questions:
9 - How many full-time team members do you have?

10 - How many part-time team members do you have?

Business Questions:
11 - Which best describes your startup? Select One

12 - Are you licensing IP from the University of California? Select One

13 - Have you raised funds previously? Please provide details. Select One

Additional information:
14 - Please attach your pitch deck (Max file size 5MB.)
Your pitch deck MUST contain the following information and is a major component in our consideration of your application (not necessarily in this order):
- Who are your competitors (or potential competitors)?
- What are your competitive advantages and key differentiators from your competitors?
- Describe your business revenue model.
- Who are your typical target customers?
- How large is your addressable market?
- Do you have users or customers currently?
- If no, when do you forecast having first users/customers?
- Are you generating revenue currently?
1. If no:
When do you forecast generating first revenue?
How long can your team run without raising funds?
2. If yes, please explain. If your run rate will rely on projections, explain how this planning aligns with the timing of the cohort.

- If accepted to the Cohort program, you will receive an investment of $100K. How do you plan on using these funds? How many months of runway does that give you?

You may either indicate an individual connection with SkyDeck as a reference, or choose to submit a formal letter of recommendation from that individual.

15 - Indicate an individual connection with SkyDeck as a reference

16 - [OPTIONAL] Choose to submit a formal letter of recommendation (Max file size 5MB)

17 - You may upload a 1-3 min video about your product/team
(Paste YouTube or Vimeo URL Link (ex.