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For more information on these tracks and for a timeline of the applications process, please go to the SkyDeck Website:

Team Background

1 - Why is your team uniquely qualified to build your startup?

2 - How many full-time team members do you have?

3 - Please upload and submit your company's pitch deck. (Max file size 30MB.)
A pitch deck should include slides covering on the problem, solution, how your product/company offers a unique product/solution, competitive landscape, market opportunity, and team, etc)

4 - Is your company primarily Hardware, Software, or Biotech?

Product / Technology

5 - What problem are you trying to solve, and how does your product uniquely solve this problem?


6 - How many potential customers are there and how large is the market?


7 - Tell us about your competitors and explain why you are dramatically better than them.


8 - How much monthly revenue do you currently have, and how quickly are you growing? (Biotech companies please describe your data).

Financial Info

9 - What is your current monthly burn rate?

10 - How much money have you raised, from who, and at what valuation? Include SBIR/NIH funding (If you haven’t raised put N/A)

Additional Information

11 - Which of the following industries are you most closely related to?

12 - Are you a UC Berkeley affiliated team, other UC campus affiliated team, or a Global Founder (from outside the US)?

13 - If you are affiliated with a UC campus other than Berkeley, which UC campus are you affiliated with?

14 - If you are a UC affiliated founder, which one of the following describes your status?

15 - If you are a global founder and not affiliated with the UC system, in what country is your company currently located?

16 - How many female founders are on the team?

17 - How did you hear about SkyDeck?

18 - Recommendation letter: You may choose to submit a formal letter of recommendation from a reputable individual or someone who is affiliated with the SkyDeck community. (Max file size 30MB)

19 - Please check all of the following boxes that apply to your ethnic background (Optional):

20 - Startups accepted to SkyDeck are expected to work onsite full time. If your startup is accepted into the SkyDeck program, how many people would work at SkyDeck full time? How many would work part-time at SkyDeck?

21 - Are you a former SkyDeck HotDesk team?